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Affirm You Will Be Successful at Your Auction, or Draft.

After 17 years of playing fantasy football I have learned there are three crucial things which need to be done before attending your draft/auction.

1.       Preparation of a Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

2.       Strategies for how to use your Cheat Sheet

3.       The proper mindset entering your Fantasy Football Draft

Everyone at your draft will have taken the 10 seconds needed to print a copy of a Free Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet.  Some of your opponents will have spent the hours needed to put the needed strategy in place to properly utilize the cheat sheet.  I am going to make the assumption that you have done both of these steps and tell you about how to properly execute step number three.

The easiest way to bring the proper mindset into your draft is through the power of affirmation.
  I want you to write this down and repeat it to yourself.  “I have created my cheat sheet.  The strategy I spent hours formulating is in place.  NOBODY IS BETTER PREPARED THAN ME.”  Writing this phrase down and saying it to yourself will subconsciously allow you to have the confidence needed for the upcoming event.   Now I want you to take the power of affirmations to the next level.  Write down any weaknesses you have, or mistakes you have made in past drafts.  A common weaknesses is having a favorite team that inflates a players actual value and a team you never take players from because you hatred toward that team.   Other common mistakes in drafts are taking a defense to early, drafting two QB’s with the same bye week, or being intoxicated during the event.  Below are some examples of affirmations that could be made.

1.  I will treat my Packers and Bears the same as every other team.  If Matt Forte is the best player available to me I will take him.  I will not take Aaron Rodgers in the second round.

2.  I will not be the first person in my league to take a Kicker, or Defense.

3.  I will write down the bye week of every person I take.  This will eliminate me from having a bye week problem with my original roster.

4.  I will not drink (too much) beer until after the draft is over.  This will allow me to be sharp and utilize the drafting cheat sheet and strategy I have put in place without making foolish decisions.

Everyone at the draft will have a Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet.  A few of your competitors will have spent the hours needed strategizing on how to maximize the full value of their cheat sheet.  NOBODY will have affirmed what they will do during the draft but YOU.  After completing the first two steps in the process make sure to not skip step three.  You will be amazed at the results.  Good Luck on choosing your championship team!

John “The Volatile One” Tlusty

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